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Practical Ayurveda & Herbal Medicine

Meet Daniel Murphy

Clinical Herbalism - Ayurveda Specialist

Daniel has studied and received training in traditional herbal and healing methods from India, Tibet, and China, with a special focus on advanced processing methods that bring out the true strength of the herbs he works with. This path brought him into contact with the Rasayana, Siddha, and Bhaisajya Kalpana practices of advanced herbalism, methods that generally have not made it to the west yet. In over a decade of actively pursuing this hidden wisdom in different languages and countries, he has also learned different visualization methods, breath exercises, rituals, and specially prepared herbo-mineral health formulas meant to help a person achieve optimal health, as well as to prepare the body for advanced yogic practices. He is now offering this valuable knowledge through Hidden Elements, so that westerners  have access to a form of healing that is usually withheld or lost in translation. 

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Why Ayurveda?

It can help with


Strengthening digestion is seen as the root of healing in Ayurvedic practice, and precedes all other work.

Pain Management

Identifies how best to return your body to a condition of restful comfort that may help alleviate or diminish chronic pain.


Cleanses and detoxifies the body safely and effectively without negatively impacting organ health, brain health or the nervous system.

Sexual Health

Through personal diet planning and lifestyle protocol, Ayurvedic remedies improve your hormonal health while taking advantage of powerful herbs aimed specifically at men or women's sexual health.

Weight Loss

Identifies the reasons for weight gain and uses natural & effective steps for weight control with longer lasting results.


Known to relieve stress by restoring the "outer" and "inner" heart and relieving the overburdened mind.

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  • Convenient from your home
  • Instantly join by the Zoom link provided in your inbox
Consultations Include:
  • A Personal Health Evaluation
    • questionaire​
    • of physique, voice & tongue
  • Diet & Lifestyle Adjustments
  • Setting future goals
  • Herbal Recommendation
Personal Health Services
Total Detox & Cleanse
Custom Herbs & Diet
Keto for Beginners
Male Vitality & Sexual Health
Female Fertility & Wellness
Weight Loss & Fitness
Pain Management
Going Vegan
Natural Cancer Care
Herbal Blend
  • Handcrafted herbal blends by Daniel
  • Customized Blends with the option to choose your grade of potency
  • A powerful selection of Pre-made Blends
  • High Quality herbs used are sourced from India & United States

"Daniel helped me to recover from an unusual health condition that modern medicine, at the time, was unable to diagnose. Without his input I would have found it very difficult to get better and to keep up with the challenges of daily life. His advice was excellent and I would highly recommend a consultation for anyone open to the Ayurvedic approach."

 -Charlotte Elise


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